Isha Gandhi is the founder of Isha's Henna Art. She is originally from Toronto, Canada, currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.​

Isha is a professional henna artist with 20 years of experience, known for her traditional patterns and contemporary style of henna. She learnt henna from Usha Shah, and Ekta Shah, who are Bollywood's leading henna artists in Mumbai, India.

Isha has been providing henna services throughout the North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, California, New Jersey, Mexico, and Canada

Since 2015, she has been traveling internationally to provide henna services for destination weddings, henna parties and more.

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Bridal Henna Portfolio

About Our Henna

Henna is a plant with leaves that are harvested, dried and ground into a powder. We use 100% organic henna. Our henna paste is made fresh every time with following ingredients:

At Isha's Henna Art, we do not do black henna, white henna or any colored henna. 

We use 100% organic henna only.

Henna for Events

Party henna services (mehendi/sangeet nights, birthday parties/other events etc.) are open for booking.



How long is the application process?

Henna strips like the guest henna from the tip of the finger to the wrist, take about 7 minutes.  Bridal henna can range between 7-9 hours, depending on length of the design.

How to darken henna stain?

We prepare our henna paste with organic, completely natural henna power with no added chemicals. In a matter of 24-60 hours, your stain will appear in shades of reddish-brown, varying from deep/dark red to a dark mahogany-brown. The best thing? There are absolutely no negative reactions when using natural henna! The color of your henna stain depends on several factors: 1.Quality of the henna paste and powder 2. Your body chemistry with henna! 3. Where on the body you put the henna 4. Aftercare.

What is the henna pricing?

Guests henna is 100/hour with a two hour minimum for Charlotte.  Destination weddings are four-hour minimum.  For bridal henna, contact us

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 Isha's Henna Art is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We are available globally.

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